How To Choose a Pre-Workout Supplement

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Aright, today I’ll show you how you can get more ripped and build more muscle by using the right kind of pre-workouts. I’m going to show you the dangerous and useless pre-workouts you need to avoid and what pre-works are the best for you.

To avoid:

0:24 Pill from pre-workouts – They are convient but they just don’t contain enough ingredients to support the intense workouts we are looking for. It’s like having to take protein in pill form… probably feels like a bunch of plastic in your mouth. Another main reason is that pills take too long for your body to absorb.

1:09 Pre-workouts that are packed with caffeine. A lot of nutritional companies pack their pre-workout full of caffeine as a source of false energy. Not only are you getting ripped off, it’s not good for you or keep you up all night.

2:21 Pre-workouts with cheap ingredients. Many companies use old outdated ingredients that are not that effective.

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